Convenient Services

In addition to great savings and loan products, we offer a variety of services for the benefit of our members. 

Your busy world demands products and services that work into your lifestyle. At Oregon Pioneer, you'll find that our products and services were developed to save you time, give you the access you want, and the freedom you need. (Did we mention that all these services are FREE?)

ATM/POS/Debit Card - This combination card lets you access the funds in your checking and savings accounts from just about any ATM. Use it at Point of Sale (POS) locations instead of writing a check. It also works as a Check Guarantee Card when writing a check. 

Home Banking: Access your Oregon Pioneer accounts and conduct financial transactions via the Internet anytime it's convenient for you. From your personal computer you can get account information, transfer funds, pay bills and much more. To access, click here.

Overdraft Protection - We'll transfer money from your savings account or Line of Credit to cover checks written against insufficient funds. This service will help to keep your credit rating in good standing and the interest you pay on a few hundred dollar loan is much cheaper than the dreaded "Not Sufficient Funds" fee that comes with bouncing a check (a low transfer fee does apply). 

Direct Deposit - Have your check automatically deposited into your account on payday. You can even write checks or access your money from ATMs immediately. The end of waiting in line to deposit your check or planning your vacation around payday, is here. 

Payroll Deduction - Specify a certain amount of your check to go directly to a special savings account, or to make a loan payment automatically for you.

Auto Broker - Get the car you want, with the options you want, in the color you want, at the price you want. Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, Auto Broker does all the work finding your ideal car and negotiating the best price for you. They'll even have the car delivered to the credit union for you so you can drive away in a great car with a loan at a great rate. 

Blue Book Auto Pricing Service - Whether you're buying or selling a vehicle, find out what it's worth. Just click here to use this free service.

Notary Public Service - We have a Notary Public available during business hours to accommodate our members' needs.

Money Orders - We also sell money orders up to $1000. 

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